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“I’ve used Dragon Medical speech recognition for about 8 years. We use Dragon Medical in our busy emergency department with the Allscripts electronic medical record and have eliminated medical transcription. Dragon speech recognition has greatly increased the value of our medical records by including detailed narratives that point-and-click templates simply can’t capture — accuracy is near perfect, even in a hectic emergency department environment. Based on my testing and use of Dragon Medical 10, the software seems more intuitive and the recognition has yet again improved from previous versions. Beyond the documentation efficiency gains for our providers, Dragon Medical lets our team tell our patient’s complete story and that raises our quality of care.”

-Dr. Loren Leidheiser, Chairman and Director of Emergency Medicine, Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Emergency Department

“We were most interested in the ROI associated with implementing a speech-enabled technology. We were spending close to $1.2 million on transcription costs in our primary care network and with the implementation of Dragon Medical to complement our Allscripts EMR, our projected cost for transcription has been brought to zero.”

-Dr. Betty Rabinowitz, Primary Care Internist, University of Rochester Medical Clinic