Digital Recorders

Digital recorders can be incorporated into a provider’s workflow on a daily basis. This is general referred to as back-end dictation, where the provider would dictate into a digital recorder and then hand off the digital recorder to someone on their staff to cradle the recorder and allow the provider’s Dragon Medical voice profile to playback the dictation into a MS Word document.  The dictation would then be edited by the staff member and then copied and pasted into the EHR, for review and final sign off by the provider.  This is not the main purpose for the Dragon Medical Software, but considered a work-around.  We would train not only the provider, but the staff member (s) on this type of workflow using Dragon Medical.

Philips LFH9375

philips lfh9375


The Philips LFH9375 is handy, powerful, and efficient that can be operated with the push of a button.  It offers an exchangeable memory card and high recording quality in DSS and MP3 format.       

Phillips SpeehExec Pro 7.5

speech exec pro


The new Phillips SpeechExec Pro 7.5 eases professional dictation workflow for mobile digital dictation and has a direct interface to Dragon Medical. It enhances the workflow by allowing the user to pre-define settings directly at the device. Dictations can be routed with a default standard workflow, sent to speech recognition or sent out via email according to the individual workflow.


Olympus DS7000



The Olympus DS-7000 is a full-featured digital recorder with a number of useful playback and security features, including encryption and password protection.  The voice activated feature (VCVA) only records when providers are speaking into it and stops the recording when things go silent.  This feature not only saves recording space, but also helps to streamline the playback and transcription process.