There are a number of quality microphones that work with the Dragon Medical Practice Edition II.  A microphone is the key to optimizing accuracy. The microphone you select must adapt to your workflow.   It is important to discuss your workflow with one of our Dragon Medical Consultants, so that we may determine which microphone will work best in your dictation environment.

Nuance Powermic II



The PowerMic II is a handheld microphone with a USB connection. This particular microphone is designed to enhance physician productivity, and offers ergonomic controls for speech recognition. The microphone is highly recommended to be used with the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Software. In addition to providing complete dictation control, the PowerMic II incorporates full-function, Microsoft compatible, PC-Mouse capabilities into the microphone, to reduce the need for providers to continually move between the microphone, mouse, and keyboard.

Phillips SpeechMike Premium



The Phillips SpeechMike Premium offers a free-floating studio quality precision microphone and built-in noise reduction.  Ergonomically designed to fit in the hand.  It also has freely configurable function keys for a personalize workflow.

Buddy Desktop Mic 7G



This particular microphone is designed to sit on a desk and ready to be used when needed.  It works best in quiet settings, because of the limited ability to cancel out background noise.

VoxStar UC Mic

voxstar uc


The VoxStar UC headset eliminates up to 93% of background noise, so you are able to dictate into your EHRs without hearing the noise around you.  The Bluetooth adapter give you the wideband audio you need for significantly better VoIP, speech recognition, and Unified Communications performance.